In the most prestigious business zone of San Salvador, close to Torre Futura.

91 Av. Norte No.
515, Colonia Escalón.
San Salvador


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With the advancement of communications is often not necessary to have a physical space for your business activities, so ABACUS ® Virtual Office is the ideal solution for you, we offer:

  • Physical address in the most exclusive business area in San Salvador.
  • Personal Telephone number.
  • Telephone answering service with your company name.
  • Reception of faxes, packages and mail.
  • Access to conference rooms and offices for meetings.
  • Unlimited coffee and drinking water.
  • Reception of: packages, mail and faxes.
  • Virtual answering machine which sends your messages to voicemail.
  • Seding voicemail to your email. (Exclusive service ABACUS®)
  • Access call forwarding service (call forwarding).
  • Use of audiovisual equipment for meetings.
  • Audiovisual equipment for your meetings.
  • Answering services with messages delivered to your e-mail.

What is a virtual office?  It is a virtual space from which you can run  your business,  offering our clients the possibility of operating without incurring the initial costs of setting up a physical space of you own.

Especially designed for those small businesses, consultants, entrepreneurs starting their business, and any professional  who without investing large amounts of money can achieve the  corporate image required for their business.

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